From Knime to PowerBI

I have a slight problem and I would very much appreciate it if someone can help me solve it.
I use Knime to get an Excel File but I can’t use it in PowerBI because the file is too big (2GO). I tried segmenting the file year by year but the sum of the divided files is bigger than the initial file (2.6 GO). I’m wondering how I can reduce the size of the files or how to better divide it, without losing any information.

Thank you for your help !

Hi @Debutant_657,
Welcome to the KNIME Forum! Are the segments also Excel files? Excel adds a lot of overhead in the form of metadata and can therefore increase the size when you segment. Have you tried exporting as CSV? That should be much smaller. Maybe you can also use our Send to Power BI node in batches via loop? There is also a component on KNIME Hub that allows you to send data to PowerBI in Chunks: Send to Power BI (chunked).
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