FTP Connector node cannot execute filenames with chinese chars -- UPDATE

I want to list filenames and folders from my NAS with FTP Connector and List Files/Folders nodes (Nodes 2 and 3). But I get an Error 550. This seems because there are some chinese characters in filenames and folders.


The same connection with FTP Connection (legacy) and List Remote Files (legacy) nodes works fine (Nodes 4 and 5).

Same with a List Files/Folders node and a local (test) folder (Node 6).

So it could be the FTP Connector that generates this error.

Is there a way to use the newer nodes? Entrys in preferences file or knime.ini file? Or is this a bug?

UPDATE: The SSH Connector node works always fine.

Thanks for help

Hello @Andrew_Steel , I gave it a quick try but I couldn’t reproduce your error.
Do you have any updates in the meantime?
Have you maybe isolated some of the characters that might cause the issue? If so please send them to me and I can try to reproduce.

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Hi @emilio_s,

sorry for my late response, I was on vacation. I am using KNIME Analytics Platform 4.7.4.v202306091353. I have switched access to SMB protocol which works fine and did not pursue the issue further. At the time, all file entries that had Chinese characters in the path or file name were affected. Since the problem is not reproducible, it could also be due to my NAS. For me, however, the matter is settled for now.

Best regards

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