FTP download opens to much connections in a loop | How to close it?


i need to iterate a list of files and as a part of this workflow i have to download them from an ftp-server. Iteration is done with a Chunk loop.

Problem is, that the download node opens a new connection to the ftp server and doesn't close it after this download.

In this case i'm only able to download 15 files (limitation of this ftp server) and then i run into a trap...

As a workaround i could download more than one file, but for security reason this is not the goal. So - my question is, how could i force to close this connection?

Would be great to get help here...

Best regards


every node is supposed to close the ftp connection after execution. What node are you using for the downloads the "Download" node or the "Download / Upload from List" node?




I’m in the same case:

  • trying to download files from RCSB’s ftp server,
  • … which accepts 15 connections max,
  • … using the Download node into a Group Loop.

The FTP Connection node is not in the loop, but the Download node is.
I need a group loop because i modify the Download node’s “source” using a variable.
I expect the Download node to open and close the FTP connection at every iteration.

I get an error after a few iterations:

“ERROR Download 0:43:39 Execute failed: Too many connections (15) from this IP”

What can i do ?

Any help appreciated, thanks a lot,


(and sorry for replying to an old, but unsolved, topic.)