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Hi I am wondering where can I search for the actual list of variables for a node.

For example, the excel reader node, has in the configuration → flow variables-> settings a “sheet_selection” it accepts a flow variable to chose a mode. The modes are “NAME” , another mode is “FIRST” and other values the node will throw an error. That modes I get them from this forum, i did not find where is a list of values or something, I would like to see the documentation to know what values corresponds to what things in the node.

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Welcome to the forum, @nobaj.

I don’t think any such list or documentation exists. It may be apparent if you look at the source code, but my usual approach is to configure the node, then type a variable name in the textbox on the Flow Variables tab and see what the result is.

For example, here I’ve configured the node to load an Excel file and select the first sheet with data:

On the Flow Variables tab, I can tell the node to create Flow Variables. Here I’m saying to create a flow variable called “selection variable” using whatever the “sheet_selection” configuration is:

After executing the node and looking at the flow variables, we can see that the option to select the first sheet with data corresponds to the sheet_selection variable FIRST

This means that if you provide the node with a flow variable with the value FIRST, you can configure the node to select the first sheet with data.

You can systematically vary the configuration and see what the output variables are.


Thanks! will do that!

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