Full outer join combining names

Hi all,

I am still relatively new to KNIME and unexperienced with java, I therefore hope there is an easy answer to my question.

I combine two databases through a full outer join. Both databases contain a "Name" column, and I would like to combine these two Name columns into one new column containing the names. Furtheremore there are other columns (category, subcategory, etc.) where I would like to do the same. 

I now solved this through a full outer join where  I include all columns followed by a java snippet with the following code.

if (c_Name == null) {

c_Name = c_Name1;
c_Category = c_Category1;



This does however not lead to the requried result. Hope someone can help me out!

Thanks in advance

In java you need to use the .equal() construct to do an equality comparison on strings.