Fuzzy Logic With Data Mining

My question is about the possibility of the use of Fuzzy Logic with data mining ? any body can help me...Thanks mu'tasem JARRAH

I am not quite sure what you mean? There are lots of fuzzy methods for data mining around - the new addon node package for v1.2.1 does include a fuzzy rule learner and we also have a fuzzy c-means clustering node. Are you looking for something specific or just a general intro to fuzzy logic in data mining?

- Michael

Thank you very much for your comment, but what I want to know is how to apply a fuzzy rule learner and fuzzy c-means clustering node in data mining in the Knime tools and any thing related in this issues (Fuzzy + Mining + Knime )… mu'tasem

Again, I am not sure I understand your question: you simply drag the node for the fuzzy rule learner or fuzzy c-means onto the workbench, connect it to another node (the file reader, for instance) and set the options (how many clusters etc - the online documentation should explain the dialog options in detail) and then execute it.
Where do you encounter problems? Finding the node(s), running them? Interpreting the results?

- Michael