Fuzzy match with two different values.


I have two datasets what include sales information.
First dataset include only product price etc. 699€.
Second dataset include product price with delivery fee what can be 0-9,9€.

I want get “True” from results when first value is 699€ and second value is anything between 699€-708,9€.

Product price what we sales is between 24€-3000€ and this effect to all products. 699€ was just example case.

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Hi Kristian,
How many rows do you have in both datasets? Could you use a Cross Joiner to create all combinations and then use a Math Formula + Rule-based Row Filter for the filtering?
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hi @KristianW1977 ,
just my simple workflow using min-max filtering base on your given fee range.
KNIME_match-MM.knwf (91.6 KB)


You can use this component by @takbb for custom criteria joins like this was well.