Fuzzy String Column Value Comparison

Hi all,

Is anyone aware of a straight forward way to compare two field string values (which appear in the same row) using a fuzzy approach? This will be applied to the whole table so I need to reference the field names.

E.g. Field A = Apple
Field B = Orange
Field C = I ate an Apple

Field A IN Field C = TRUE
Field B IN Field C = FALSE

All nodes should be production ready so I can’t use Column Expressions, which is still in Labs.

I tried Rule Engine but this doesn’t seem to allow for the comparison of fields. :frowning:

Thanks for any help!

You can look at a discussion here

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Thanks @izaychik63.

Unfortunately I don’t think this helps as it seems Rule Engine can’t be used to compare two string fields using the fuzzy approach. :frowning:

At the moment I think the only solution might be a java snippet node to write a custom script. I don’t have experience with Java, so hoping to avoid this if possible.

The example you provided does not require fuzzy search. The regular like or matches function will do the job.

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