Fuzzy String Match Lucene Score Column


I have modified the example workflow 01503_fuzzyAddressMatching to perform a fuzzy search on all column names in a large database.  It performs well and as expected, except it is not producing the Lucene Score column.

Inside the "Index Query" node, my Lucene Query is controlled by a flow variable, and I have the "Add score column" checked off, yet the score column is not appearing.  Has anyone experienced this problem?


Hi Django,

this is a strange behavior and I have no idea what the problem might be. Could you give us some more detail about the query you perform or possibly provide an example flow where the add score column fails.



I solved the problem.
If you use optional input port “data table to filter” the score column disappears.
So, if you want both Lucene Score and optional table you can merge optional table in another node after IndexQuery (Concatenate Node) and remove optional table from Index Query

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