Garbage Collector Bug


There have been quite a few times now where I have clicked on the garbage can at the bottom right to clear some memory. However, it sometimes results in the mouse pointer permanently residing as the hour glass pointer and usually causes KNIME to crash after a while.

The only option I have is to shut down KNIME when this occurs, before it has chance to crash. Its not an ideal situation.

Any thoughts.



Hm, I've never seen this. On the other hand, you never should need to actively run the garbage collector. Java does this automatically if it needs more memory.

I do find that with quite complex workflows the memory does get used up. Its only after clicking on the garbage collector that I get the memory back, this has been as much as reducing the memory useage from 750Mb to 300Mb.

The only pointer/direction I can offer as to where I am observing this behaviour is in a workflow with a dataset of ~1000 rows and ~100 columns which uses the Distance Matrix nodes (Matrix Calculate, Hierarchical Clustering, Hierarchical View, Hierarchical Cluster Assigner), GroupBy node with HiLiting, RDKit Fingerprint node, .



It is quite normal that Java consumes lots of memory and does not free it immediately when it is not used any more. But you can be sure, if the memory is really needed, the garbage collector will be invoked automatically. Moreover, usually Java does not give back the memory to the operating system for use by other programs but keeps it allocated for later usage.