Gather rows generated over a Parameter Optimization Loop


When I build a Parameter Optimization Loop (with the Parameter Optimization Loop Start/End nodes), the Loop End node outputs on Port 1 a table giving the parameters searched and the objective value.

However, I would like, in addition, to capture some intermediate values generated over each loop.  In each loop, I produce one row of a table which has 10 columns.  I'm doing a Brute Force search over 200 parameter combinations and would like to capture these 10 columns for each parameter combination. 

I can't figure out how to do this because at the end of the optimization, I can only see a single row for the last parameter combination tested.  How can I see all 200 rows that I generated over the course of the loop?



Hi Andrew,

this is currently not possible using the Parameter optimization looping nodes. I pushed a feature regest into our tracking system, but can't promise any time range...

As a workaround... you could rerun the workflow using a table row to variable on one of the outports. You would need to add all nodes again and redo all the calculations. BUT :) you can collect them in the end using a Loop End node.

I hope this helps a bit,

Best, Iris