GeneralizedSequentialPatterns node

Hello everybody!

I am a new Knime user, can you help me with this matter?

I am having trouble using the Generalised Sequential Patterns node. Is in necessary to transform the data in order to use it? What is the input data required? I wasn't able to figure it out from the node description.

Thank you very much for your time,



Hi Silvia,

the input data must consist of nominal attributes (e.g. for instance String-columns).

Sometimes the configure dialog is complaining that string-attributes can not be handled. This is not intended behavior. However, if you execute the node despite the complains everything works fine.




Hi Martin,

thank you for your help!  Unfortunately because of that error the node doesn't run at all!

ERROR GeneralizedSequentialPatterns (3.7) 5:107      Execute failed: Weka associator cannot work with given data. Reason: weka.associations.GeneralizedSequentialPatterns: Cannot handle string attributes!

(Also very weird: all attributes are string attributes, but the node seems to have problem only with one in particular.)

Do you know about an example workflow where this node is properly configured?