Generate RowIDs


This seems a simple request, I hope I am just missing something obvious. How do I create new RowIDs where you can specify the number must be in x number of digits. The issue with the current RowID node is it generates RowIDs as RowID1, RowID2, RowID3 ...... RowID11, RowID12 etc. When I then want to sort the Rows in Reverse Order (i.e. RowID50, RowID49, etc) this runs into problems with  the single digit RowIDs. Is there a way round this problem.


One way is using the Java Snippet node to create a new column with the desired format and then convert it into row ids with the Row ID node.

Unfortunately I dont know Java. I found a way in the end by using the Math node to generate a new column with increasing number by using the term ROWINDEX. Then just sorting on this column.