Generating images from a list of integers

I have the following problem. I am working an a dataset consisting fo a table with 372451 rows, each row containing 784 integers representing a pixel in a 28 by 28 grayscale image.
How can I “extract” the images form the given data. This means to form a 28 by 28 table for every row of the dataset and then make an image of this. Resulting in 372451, 28x28 images. I’ve done this in Mathematica, which I know quite good, and now I tried to do this in KNIME - with no results (even the lack of a good idea :wink: )

Any hints strongly appreciated

Hi mgamer,

This can be done using the Data Row to Image node from the KNIME Image Processing community extension. The 28x28 grid can be specified via its Dimensions option.



Thank you for the fast - and helpful - reply. After a bit of experimenting I got it to work :slight_smile:


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