Generating report problem using call Local workflow NODE

Dear all,

i have two workflow the first workflow to generate a pdf report using Data to Report node.
the second workflow call the first workflow using call Local workflow NODE to generate reports then sent this report via send email node.

My problem The second workflow generate an empty PDF report means without DATA Set just the structure (synchronization problem).
This is the report how it looks when I use dynamic text or grid.

This case is quite freaky!! The second workflow work only in this case When I have 2 or more reports to generate the first reports sent empty and the last report full. I didn’t understand the problem.

Ps: the First workflow work well manually he generate a full report (by clicking in synchronization)Untitled2

Could anyone help me with this problem?

Hi Mokrani,

Unfortunately it is hard to say without having the workflows. It would be very helpful if you attache both workflows with data sample.