Generic JavaScript View - Problems with recreating the Heatmap example

Hi all,

I was trying to recreate the Heatmap Example from the KNIME blog

After downloading the Example-knwf I realized that it uses the depreciated Generic JavaScript View node. The node still works and You get a nice Heatmap.

In the next step I just dragged in the current JavaScript View node and used the same CSS and JavaScript as in the depreciated version. After executing the node and selecting the interactive view I get the following message:

“Error in script
TypeError: cannot read property ´format´of undefined at eval (eval al …”

Has anybody of You guys encountered the same problem?
I guess (hope) it´s something pretty obvious.

Thanks in advance

Just found another dicussion adressung the same problem:

Will try out the suggestions and report back here.

Hey Mat,

you already found the solution. Infact the error results from the update of D3 v3 to D3 v4, as they have changed a lot of commands. I have attached an updated version of the workflow which should work with D3 v4.

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask.


D3 Days-Hour Heatmap Example_D3_V4.knwf (24.2 KB)


Hi Daniel,

Thank You! Works great.