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i´m currently starting to use knime as a fast way to process my data and visualise it.
Here I use the Generic JavaScript View to generate a heatmap in google maps and it works just great.
The only problem I got, is that there ist a warning “WARN Generic JavaScript View 2:45 Only the first 2500 rows are displayed”.
Currently i try to process up to 15000 rows in the view and can’t find a way to get past this limitation our to raise the limit.
Is there a way to configure the maximum processed rows or can I edit the note on a source code basis to raise the limit?

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Hi there @goodvirus,

welcome to KNIME Community Forum!

In all visualization nodes (at least if I remember well) default for displaying is 2.500 rows. You can change this number in node configuration window:


Hope KNIME will continue to be a tool for you and your data :wink:


Hello Ivan,

sometimes the answer is so easy… And I was searching for the source code and was ready to make up my own note version…
Thank you so much for pointing this out.

I will definitly will continue to use KNIME, because it is an really easy way to explore your data and do some protoyping for machine learning.

Thank again



Hi Paul,

you are welcome.

:smiley: In general this is not a bad approach.

If any questions feel free to ask.


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