Generic Predict Node


I was wondering how hard it would be, based on the existing Knime/Weka nodes, to make a generic predict node for all models? Would users such a node valuable?

Any feedback would be great.



Hi Jay,

for the weka-part, I can tell you that we are currently working on a generic predictor node for all Weka-nodes.

- Nicolas


How is this coming along?

Does anybody else have any comments they wouldn't mind sharing around standardization of certain components.

I think there would be value in creating a standard such as model/transformation, predictor/applier and some from of export for everything.



The Weka predictor is one thing. Having generic predictors in KNIME is something we do not plan to introduce. Mostly because it seems odd to try to have modular pipelines and then add a node that does generic "applies". But also because you will want to adjust all sorts of settings for a particular class of models and this will require individual nodes. So there will be a e.g. Decision Tree Predictior Node that various dec tree learners can feed into. But there won't be a generic any-model-fits-all predictor. Note that we do have PMML export and import for standardization purposes.

I'll check with Nicolas on the state of the Weka predictor, though.