Genetic Feature Selection issues

I am trying to use the genetic feature selection feature of KNIME (with the Feature Selection Loop nodes from the Analytics / Mining / Feature Selection node group), but I have some issues with the exact meaning of the different parameters (and their affects on the feature selection process).
My first issue is related to the early stopping.
I thought that without turning on the early stopping, the number of iterations will be ‘population size * (max number of generations + 1)’, but the loop will exit much much earlier than that (depending on the parameters, the exact number of iterations are changing).
So what is the exit criteria exactly?
Thank you

Hi @kormoczi and sorry for the late reply.

I believe that if the genetic algorithm converges into a local optimum the number of iterations can be less than the maximum even if early stopping is not enable.

Is there a reason you want to force max iterations with this algorithm? My understanding is that with genetic feature selection you usually want to enable early stopping anyway.

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