Geo Co-ordinate node issues with KAP 4.4.4

Hi Guys,
We have been using the Geo Co-ordinate node filters and seem to be working in versions previous but stopped working in KAP 4.4.4 . Is anyone else experiencing the same issue?

Hi @tvgknime -

I just checked quickly and it seems to be working OK in the latest release 4.5.3.

Can you be more specific about the problem you’re seeing? Is there a particular error message? Do you have a sample workflow you could upload that replicates the issue?

Hi @ScottF . When I use the Geo-co ordinate row filter from 4.4.4 and create the same geo fence as in the previous versions(nothing too complicated but very simple) it does not filter out. I can try 4.5.3 and let you know if I come across the same issue.

Also there was a previous issue that I reported Geo-Coordinate row filter issues . Do you think it would be rectified in 4.5.3 as well?

Appreciate your help on this.

Hi @tvgknime I’m still not able to replicate issues with the Geo-Coordinate Row Filter in 4.5.3 after trying a few more times today - the filtering is working as expected on this example WF from the Hub:

The other issue you mentioned was fixed in 4.5.1, so that’s good news.

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