Geo-coordinate Row Filter (OSM)

Hi all,

I have a table with geo coordinates and it is possible to visualise the output of this table with the "OSM Map view" node. Once I have a "Geo-coordinate Row Filter" between my original table and the "OSM Map view" node the following error occurs for the viewing node:

ERROR OSM Map View Execute failed: ("NullPointerException"):null

Any ideas?





Hi Frank,

this is most likely an implementation error. But unfortunately I wasn't able to reproduce the problem here, so far. Could you maybe provide an example workflow where the problem occurres? That would help a lot.

Thank you for reporting this issue!




Unfornunately this error is not reproducible. I tried to change the input data a bit so that I can upload this workflow to an open forum, but this workflows works and no error message is there.

I restarted KNIME (2.9.4) and the original workflow also works. Hmmm!

Whenever I can reproduce the problem, I will report it in this post. Maybe other users have the same problem and can help to find a solution for that.