Geo located tweets

I'm trying to use the Palladian Websearch node to extract twitter data based on certain topics. Does anyone know a way to get the coordinates of the tweet into KNIME. I'm trying to plot the twitter feeds onto a map using the OSM Map view


Are you using the latest nightly? The coordinates are given as separate column, in case the Tweet supplies them. In case no coords are available, you have an empty cell entry ('?').


Hmm, I just have the Row, Query, Title, Summary, URL and Date columns. Nothing for coordinates.

Let me check if Im using the latest version though


Got it after the update.

Thanks !


Welcome. (it will also be available in the regular versions, i.e. non-nightlies, soon).



I was also wondering. Is the limited number of results a limitation of the API itself? The websearcher node doesnt allow me to set more than 1000 rows per query. Is there a way to get more search results?


Hi mjkhan,

the searcher should allow to set max. 10.000 results/query in the current version.

However, for Twitter we currently only support 100 results. At the time of the last update, paging through the Twitter API was not really possible and not well documented. I'll have a look in the near future, if their API has changed and try to offer functionality for retrieving more than the currenlty possible 100 results, if possible.


fyi: I've fixed this now, there will be an update during the next days.

Hi Philipp,

post is very old and currentlly, I am using Knime 2.9.2 and extracting Twitter data but getting 100 rows only. So is there still no fix for this Or should i am doing somthing wrong.

I am using table creator-> web searcher->broup by nodes.



The fix is available now via the nightly builds.


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