Geocoder Node in Palldian

Hi fellow KNIME users,

I have a workflow that uses the Palladian node, Geocoder from Google that brings me the longitude and latitude for a specific address every month.

I’d like to automate this with a bat file but I noticed that I have to re-copy the API key and paste it back within Preferences every time for the workflow to successfully run or else it’ll error out and say I need to have enter in an API key (which I have).

Has anybody experienced this before? And if so, have you found a workaround for it?


Best regards,

Hi Donovan,

the trick is to specify a preference file when you start the batch command.

You must export this file as .epf through the File -> Export Preferences menu and then specify it on the command line. I think I still have some example code snippet for Windows somewhere here – feel free to drop me a remider at and I’ll try to find it for you!


Thank you so much for replying! I’ve shot you an email. Looking forward to your reply!