Geometry Intersection between two polygones

Based on the below photo, I calculated (ax,ay), (bx,by) based on the teta, which is the camera’s field of vision (c is the location where the photo is taken). I have polygone data for a land stored in wkt format, and I want to see if this camera is looking at that polygone. To do so, I created a polygone (wkt) format by creating a column (polygone((ax ay, bx,by)) and using the “RELATE GEOMERTICS” node of knime to check if the polygone of a land stored in wkt format is intersecting with these (ax ay, bx, by) and I am not sure if this node is suitable for this purpose. I also get an error that “the top input doesn’t contain wkt”. Does anyone have any suggestions?
I have uploaded a sample of data and the knimw workflow for using related geometric node.

test.txt (3.5 KB)
KNIME_project (Intersect).knwf (24.8 KB)


Hi @NeginZarbakhsh,

I tested out a few things on your workflow and it seems that the 3rd party Spatial Processing nodes doesn’t accept wkt format created by string manipulation in KNIME AP. A way to possibly work around this is to use the Read Geometries From Database – KNIME Hub, Read from GML – KNIME Hub, Read from Shapefile – KNIME Hub, or the Read from KML – KNIME Hub node to read in the data to wkt format. Do you have your data available in one of the formats listed above?