Geospatial Spatial Join Results in 2% +/- ERROR rows with random fails in downstream nodes (v4.7.2)

I’m utilizing the Geospatial nodes in the Community Nodes Extension to populate FIPS codes to Lat/Lon points. I’ using the ‘Lat/Lon to Geometry’ node to transform the Points to the required “Geometry” field, and the ‘WKT to Geometry’ node to transform the WKT file for the County FIPS codes. Both nodes then feed into the ‘Spatial Join’ node.
The issue I’m running into is the output does not “error”, but the first data manipulating downstream node does fail.
When I review the outputs of the ‘Spatial Join’ node, of the 225k points, 3-5k of the ending rows are empty and are labeled “ERROR” instead of a Row#.
Has anyone else run into this?

The issue turned out to be the ‘Spatial Join’ node does not handle WKT’s with mixed entries/rows of “POLYGON” and “MULTIPOLYGON”. The fix is to use the ‘Multipart to Singlepart’ node between the ‘WKT to Geometry ‘node and the ‘Spatial Join’ node. This will create a row for each “polygon” that makes up the “multipolygon” entries.

An additional note, the error rate turned out to be unimportant to the issue.



Interesting - thanks @MarkGT for posting the additional detail you found.

Tagging @tobias.koetter so he can be aware :slight_smile:

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