Get accuracy=0. why?


I'm using KNIME for first time and I have a problem with it.

I have an Excel data file. it has 3 columns (Included,sentences,classlabel). sentences column cintains a sentence in any row.

included column contains abstract or introduction value (where sentence appreared in an article) and classlabel column contains 5 category value.

I have to process this file and make a model with decision tree  to predict classlabel in a suppervisod way.

So, I have used this nodes one after another: read file, string to document (to transform sentences to documentcells), bag of words creator, punctuation erasure, stop word filter, porter stemmer, case converter, tf, idf, icf, category to class, partitioning, decision tree learner, decision tree predictor and scorer nodes.

I changed the cofiguration settings of nodes times and times but the accuarcy is 0 in any situation.

Can anyone help me to find the problem?

another question: How can I use the 10 fold cross validation?in which order of nodes?


The two columns you are using to score against in the Scorer node, are the labellings between the two columns identical?

i.e. Column A has labels, Yes, No.

Then Column B must also have labels, Yes, No.

The labels, yes, no, for Column B would not be sufficient as Column A uses capitals, for Yes and No.

any help?


Dear Richard99

Thank you.