get ASCII code of character

I have for example AB2 and A11 as value in a column. I need to now the ASCII code of the second character, B in this case. If this ASCII value is above 65 then I need to split the value in AB and 2 otherwise in A and 11.

Has anyone a solution for this. I can’t use substring, because this will always be the same number of characters

Comparison like Character < “A” will work. ASCII code is not necessary.

oke will try it


I have a table with

and should be split like this AB2 to AB and 2 and
A11 to A and 11

and it is not clear to me what node and how to use the comparison < “seccond character”

do you have a small example

Hi there,

To compare it like @izaychik63 suggested you first need to extract second character. Using substring() function in String Manipulation node for example. Then in Rule Engine node you can have this comparison. Result can be number which you would then use in a substring() function. Or again alternative for whole logic is to use Column Expressions node :wink:

The solution @armingrudd provided for this with regex is much better in my opinion.


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