Get country name from Palladian reverse location lookup node


I am currently using the reverse location lookup node from Palladin in order to get geo data from coordinates. So far the module works fine, I get ithe nfo of the street or the POI.

For my project I am looking for the country name for each coordinate found. Is there a way to ask the reverse location lookup node connected to database to return the countries with the other relevant data ?

Else do you have another idea of which node I should use to reverse lookup coordinates to get country names or codes ?

Many Thanks,

Hi Laurent,

the node currently does not have this functionality. It would be a good improvement though.

In the meantime, you can access the Geonames API directly and retrieve the country. I have built a simple example workflow and share it with you on my NodePit Space:

Hope this helps!


Thank you, I see this code returns the country code which is perfect.

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