Get Excel sheets from one file and place them in another


I hope you can help me with below:

I’m trying to get three excel sheets and put them in another workbook using the workflow below

However, I only get one sheet in the Excel Writer output. Any ideas why? Are my loops node correct too?

In detail:

Node 1 - get all sheets (example, 10 sheets)
Node 2 - my list of sheets that I only want (example, 2 sheets)
Node 3 - compare and drop those I don’t need
Node 4 - variable
Node 5 - Use the variable as “Sheet Names” that I want to read
Node 6 - Place them in an Excel file
Node 7 - loop end

Hope you can help!
Thank you

Hi @Ana914 Looks it is OK. Are you using the “overwite” option for the file and the “append” one for the sheets?


Thank you for your reply.

This is my configuration

I think I got it now! Previously I checked Open file after execution

and it looked like the Excel opened after Iteration 0 (or the first sheet)

I had to untick it so it will continue with the loop until max iteration, otherwise it will open at first

Thank you, iperez!!! You helped me relook at the Excel Writer node :slight_smile:

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and so happy I got my loops correct weeee (just started working with them)!


That’s my exact reaction when I configured one correctly for the first time. The time saving :laughing:


:joy: definitely!! Worth the time spent building it :slight_smile:

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