Get more than one match at string matching

Hi guys,

I have a short question: I use the String Similarity Node to match company names from two different sources together. For some it already gives me good results, for some others it’s quite difficult as e.g. AB technologies and AC technologies are quite close matches but it’s not the same company. I would like to increase the probability of getting the right match by giving the 5 most likely matches (hoping that the right one is part of it). I could not figure it out in KNIME so far, I’m using difflib’s get_close_matches in Python right now.

Is there a way to achieve this in KNIME? We don’t want to use the Python Node as we don’t want the people that will work with it to install and handle python code (plus my code is super slow as I’m not really familiar with it).

Thanks in advance!


You can find some ideas here

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