Get out of nested loop after error


I have a nested loop. I want to get out of both loops after facing error in inner loop.

For example after error in Click node I want to pass both Loop End nodes without execution.
As you see there is a Navigate node (node 40) in outer loop, so I don’t want to waste my time for executing 25 different pages with Navigate node after facing error.

I can handle this problem if you have any idea how to skip “Active Scope End node in inactive branch not allowed.” error.

Thank you,

Hi @mehrdad_bgh

that is not possible. You always need to have for each loop start node a loop end node collecting results.

You could for example in these cases pass an empty table to the loop and skip these iterations? Or you end the loop in these cases and collect the information that this should be skipped afterwards.

Best, Iris


Hi Iris,

Thank you for your information.
Yes I used Catch Errors and Recursive Loop End to pass an empty table to loop start.


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