GET Request Help - API - Not Sure

Hello Everyone,
So I am attempting to interact with IBM’s Rest service and I am just not sure how to enter all the info.

Here is a little information on IBM’s API service I am trying to use.

Here is what I have so far in the GET Request Node

Ultimately, I am trying to sentiment analysis on the URL. I’m not really getting it.

Wondering if someone could help me get this working. Right now I am getting “error GET Request 0:1397 Execute failed: Wrong status: 401 Unauthorized”

The URL being input seems to be requesting the correct information.
My API key is correct, double-checked
Response headers I have set to extract all headers

Is everything input correctly that you can see?

you have to set your username and password in the Authentication tab in the GET Request node, not as a header. I guess the authentication method is “basic”.
Kind regards

Hey @AlexanderFillbrunn thanks for the response. Let me give to a whirl here and I’ll get back to you!

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