GET Request Node Help (newbie)

Hello! I am building a custom-made lexicon expanding from one term into related concepts, and I’m trying to use the MS Probase API data from this link .

On the page, there are links but when I copied one of it and pasted on the Knime GetRequest node, replacing the word Instance to my term of interest and TopK to an integer, the node fails. Is there anyone that can help guide on how do I work around this?

Note: I’m a newbie in this API stuff. Maybe there’s something I don’t know that is basic to you instead. Kindly help me out, many thanks!

  1. What URL are you using for the GET request?
  2. What error message do you get when the node fails?

Okay it turns out that there is a specific “instruction” page , I followed it and I did get the top 500 list of conceptual terms. In the output of the node, it is in JSON column, which I didnt know how to work around it, so I changed it to document format and preprocess it. Now I have extracted my list. It’s all good now. Thanks though!


If JSON is a problem you might try the JSON to Table node to get the output in a table format.

JSON is a very flexible format and you can get JSON structures within JSON properties. This node will help you converting JSON to a table for many JSON’s, but not the most complex ones (i.e. if the JSON contains information which does not look like a table at all).

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