GET Request node removes tab characters from text response

Hi, I’m trying to retrieve data from Uniprot with their API
eg. with this request

(unfortunately, they don’t provide json format)

this returns text response (tsv), but in knime, the GET request node removes all tab characters from response which makes the response pretty much unusable

is this a bug?
or is there a setting i’m missing?

thanks for the response

The GET request node does not change the received data in any way. However, if you look at the output table it’s very well possible that the view doesn’t display the tab characters properly due to the non-fixed size font.


Hi, thank you very much,
I was using Cell Splitter to later process the data, used \t as delimiter, but didn’t check “Use \ as escape character”.
Sorry, my bad. Now it all works fine.

And yes - the table view doesn’t display tab chars (which was the source of my confusion), however, that’s not a problem for me now.

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