GET Request node vs HTTP-Retriever (or: how to transfer to Palladium)

Based on another forum entry by myself, the suggestion for using Palladium came up. 

Maybe someone here can help me with the first steps (the original q. I'll take separately)?

Via GET Request node I get my API access to work correctly.

It uses:

HTTPS URL: a "simple" url string.

No authentication

Request Headers: one entry, called: X-CDD-Token as the header key, in the value the, well, token (call it MyToken)


When I try to use this with HTTP Retriever, using GET, I obtain 401 error (denied access, meaning somehow my token isn't transferred correctly). 

I use above same url as the url here as well. method default (or GET).

As header I have tried in two separate columns



alternatively as a single combined column

X-CDD-Token: MyToken 

(with and without space after the colon : )

There is in this instance no http entity content, so that setting shouldn't matter. I guess? 

(For POST I would have a JSON column, I assume if I ever get that far, the instance entity would have to be set to JSON?)

The example workflow (Palladin login to forum) seems "so clear" but it didn't help me in this case.

So, the quintessential is: You need to send this "X-CDD-Token" as a header for authentication, right?

First, create an input table which contains the URL to access, (optionally) the HTTP method, and the headers (e.g. using a Table Creator):

Connect this table to HttpRetriever and open the settings. Select the url and method input columns. Go to the 'Headers' tab and add the 'X-CDD-Token' column. Voilà.

Ah, nice! Thank you! This helps A LOT. 

The column name has to be the same as the header key.

Now I even managed to write via POST a JSON entry. Next question is how to combine a JSON string (converted to BLOB; using FormEncodedHttpEntityCreator) AND a file (which would have to be converted to a BLOB as well, I assume). Maybe something for another thread.

Thanks for the feedback, the fact that column names make the header keys probably needs to be documented more explicitly!

And yes, feel free to open another thread for the POST. I'll be glad to assist -- if you can supply me with a sample workflow showing the scenario, even better!

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