GET Request node without results

Dear all, when I use the GET Request node in KNIME 4.0.1, paste the link in the URL cell and execute I do not get any result. If I do the same in KNIME 3.7.2, Status, Content Type and Body are fine. Could this be a KNIME 4.0.1 bug?

Hi @afalenski -

I just tried to reproduce this issue in KNIME 4.0.1 and could not - the results of the GET Request were fine for me.

Is it possible you have some proxy set up in 3.7.2 that you do not with 4.0.1? Or maybe there was just a temporary hiccup connecting to before, and it’s working OK now?

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Argh, of course. Now that I have adjusted the proxy settings the node works. Thank you for the quick help!


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