Get Request returned Status=0

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I have a got a Get Request node, which occasionally does not return content.
My error handfling looks for Status != 200.
This error happened recently, so i started to look for the reason, and i saw it returned HTTP Status = 0 which theoretically does not exist - also i did not find relevant info on hub/nodepit in Get Request node’s documentation about what error code is converted to be zero.

Anyone ever had the same response?
This specific example is from Azure Key Vault API, where no such error code exists (

Is this because some timeout behaviour of the Knime node?

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Hi @csabbooca,

did I get it right: The node executed (green status), but attempt was not successful? You could try to use Extract Missing Value Cause to see whether it provides any additional information on the cause why it is failing.


Exactly, the node was in green status.
Unfortunately it is not easy to reproduce this, as it might be caused by some random outage of Key Vault API. On top, i am running this in a loop, so i cannot rewind back to that iteration where this produced Status=0.
I will try playing with this Extract Missing Value Cause think - many thanks for the tip Marten!

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