GET Request

Hi all,
it might be a very old topic but I have never had such a problem. I am running KNIME 4.5.0 on W10 PC.
I am using Get request node to retrieve data from GEO service
(e.g. GEO Accession viewer)
The service provides a simple “text/html” body.
Now, I could not find any nodes which works as String to JSON and String to XML nodes throw exceptions.
Is there any simple solution to convert string body to a structured HTML, XML or JSON out there?
I don’t want to filter html body with string manipulation (regex) to extract what I need… :confused:
Best and thanks


Hi Andrea,

You’ll typically need a dedicated HTML Parser for processing HTML pages, as they are usually not strict XML syntax. The HTML Parser node from Palladian allows just that:

Here’s a sample where I feed the parsed HTML document to an XPath node for extracting some properties from the table:

Hope this helps!


Thanks a lot qqilihq !!
I thought Palladian nodes were not free.

They are, if you’re using a free KNIME version :slight_smile:


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