get workflow messages from scheduled jobs

I would like to get the text present in the “Show workflow messages” for a scheduled jobs in a knime workflow so that I can treat errors and identify when or why workflows are not running when they should.
I would like to be able to mine all errors messages.
Has anybody done something like that?

Hi @ehamelin,

The errors/warnings shown when you click “Show workflow messages” are also available through the KNIME Server REST API.

If you send a GET request to https://<myserver>:<port>/knime/rest/v4/jobs/, you’ll get a list of all jobs currently on KNIME Server. This includes messages produced by nodes in each job, e.g.
“nodeMessages”: [
“node”: “Repository File Chooser Configuration 2:2”,
“messageType”: “WARNING”,
“message”: “File item invalid. No path provided.”

Hope that helps!


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Thank you,
I managed to extract the information and using the json path node, followed by the ungroup node, I got the result I wanted.


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