Get xls cell color

Hello everyone,
I was looking for solution, how can I read xls cell color. I did not find. Is there any chance to do this? I will be grateful for any solution.

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Mateusz Kojtych

Right now I don’t believe there is a dedicated node for this. As posted by @Ergonomist, this is a possible solution:

Thank you for your answer. I can not read xlsx as xml. I am a bit confused. Do you have workflow as example?

Unfortunately I don’t. I spent a little more time on this today, and have been unable to recreate the possible solution I linked above. Perhaps someone more well-versed than I am in XPath queries can assist.

The xlsx format is a zip archive of various xml files. Use Create Temp Dir node to create a temporary folder to unzip to, followed by Unzip Files node to unzip them. The worksheets are in a subfolder called ‘worksheets’ (it looks like each file is named [sheetname].xml), and it references styles in the file ‘styles.xml’, e.g.:

<c r="A2" s="1" t="s">

The ‘s=“1”’ appears to refer the the style, defined in the styles.xml file. If you filter the table to contain only the worksheets xml files, you should be able to configure the XPath node interactively