getiing data with post request with dynamically change

I am new in KNIME and I have some troubles with getting data using API key from web service.
I have post request with the body like:
page: “numer”,
size:“max 600”
But there are 10000 recordings that i must get.
Can anybody explain how to organize the cycle to change number of the page (2,3,4…) and get next part of the data. And stop when the all data will be get.
Thanks a lot!!

hi pavel
As I realized I think you can use string manipulation node and create a url column and using loop
join(string($url$),"?page=",string($${IcurrentIteration}$$+1)," \ “”)

Here is an example workflow:
post_request_multi_pages.knwf (12.4 KB)


Sajjadmosaheb, thanks a lot.
Now I can get data in cycle. I used string manipulation like this:

join(string("{“page” : ", ($${IcurrentIteration}$$+1), “, \r\n “page_size” : 500}”))

But now I have the second part of the task - stop cycle when data is over or in other words when the quantity of data in the page is 0. If you can help with this, I would appreciate)

hi pavel , you’re welcome
Can you explain a little more?
If you use counting loop start and know the exact number of pages, I do not think there is a problem!