Getting column data into one column and duplicate the rows as a stack

Hi All,

As per the above image I have this data set where one project has two different action types with their descriptions. If the action types are match with each other can take one action type and its description since both are equal but if the action types are different then I have take both action types into one column. Whereas, if one of the action types is blank then I have to take the other one to the new column. If both are blank no action needed.

The output looks like this,…

Also I have uploaded the sample data set if anyone can sort this out for me.

Thanks in advance.
knime help.xlsx (11.9 KB)

KNIME_09172022.knwf (18.4 KB)

I believe this solves it. The idea is to first separate out the ones where the action types don’t match and then get duplicate entries to work with. Once i have duplicate entries, i can work with RowIndex and eliminate the not required columns.

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