Getting data (filtered) from knime using REST api (get post).

Getting data (filtered) from knime using REST api (get post).

I need to know the “endpoints” (url used on GET/POST), security (API Keys and authorizations) and pagination (paginations is used on REST API by client-server transfer data)

The client orders a data -> saver sends 10 recs (i.e) and send the token to next 10 records.

Hi Can you recommend a sample workflow in this regard. It contains a similar scenario or how can I do it. My goal is to send the data I collected with knime via GET or POST

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Do you have any advice to guide me? I wonder. Thanks

Hi @umutcankurt,

Not very skilled with REST and not sure I understand what you need. For someone who might help maybe more explanation will be needed.

Please refrain from mentioning specific people who have not been involved in this or any other discussion around this topic.


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Is this on the KNIME Server or on the AP?

The AP can only send data via the POST Request node. To understand how the data can be send, you need to check the API configuration of the receiving operator.

We are btw. monitoring unreplied topic, so no need to mention someone. As long as there is no reply a KNIMEr will soon come back to you.

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