Getting Data From a website

Hi everyone,
I want to parse and getting datas from an advertisement website link like this:
I consider that the page loads the content dynamically. is that makes any problem for KNIME?
I tried this type of workflow but it is not working, can anybody help me?
KNIME_project3.knwf (16.1 KB)

Thank you in advance,

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Hi Idris,

The second flow in your workflow in which you have used Palladian nodes, is the right approach. I think your problem is with the XPathes. Here you can read a short tutorial about how to get the content of a webpage in KNIME:

As an example, I have modified your workflow to collect data from the first three fields of the table at the webpage you provided:
KNIME_project3.knwf (606.2 KB)



Yes now I learnd. It was very useful content. Thank you so much Armin.

Best Regarts,

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