Getting hold of WorkflowManager instance

Hi: Can some one tell me what is the best way to get hold of WorkflowManager instance from the knime Plugin framework.


Hi RJ,

the WorkflowManager is held in the WorkflowEditor, which represents an Editor in the Eclipse GUI. It is gone, when the editor is closed.

I'm not sure if this is related to the other thread about retrieving information about a workflow ( If so, it might be easier to instantiate a new WorkflowManager, load in the workflow (with the constructor, specify the workflow.knime file and a DefaultNodeProgressMonitor), and go from there. You can traverse the graph of the nodes, get the name and even the full HTML description for each node.
If that is what you had in mind.

But - please note, that we are going to replace the current workflow manager with a new one, and the old wfm will not be able to handle flows the new wfm has written. And the API of the new wfm might be different from the one of the old wfm.

- Peter.

Yes Peter you are right; this thread is related to the other thread you mentioned in your message. Thanks for your response on both threads; the information provided by you is really very helpful.

BTW "Knime is an awesome tool" thanks for sharing it with all of us.

Best Regards,

I suppose using WorkflowManager, I may be able to load any workflow.knime in my workbench. But donot know where to begin, i mean where in my code i can instantiate the workflowManager. suppose i want to load a workflow using workflow manager in the sub-workflow of a meta node, how can i do that?