Getting KNIME to work for Deep Learning.

Dear all:

      KNIME works like a charm for ML extensions / workflows. However, now when I am trying to use KNIME for Deep Learning (NLP or CV) getting of issues making KNIME work with Tensorflow. Followed all the articles I could find - including Markus 's article.

Tried using YAML based environment setup for Keras and TF2. Didn’t work.
Tried using the KNIME UI to create (‘New Environment’) environment for Keras and TF even that didn’t work. Keep getting errors - different compatability issues I guess.

I see few more are complaining about the same and then the threads are not even answered.

How can we get Deep Learning Libraries to work with KNIME ? I am okay with Pytorch or Tensorflow - conversant with both but even for Pytorch don’t see much in terms of extensions or helps.

Any help will be much appreciated.
Latest flavor of error is shown below.


you could use python script node instead and run you pytorch/tf code.
Anything wrong with that?

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