Getting the difference in days between Chosen and Duplicates with Unique ID


New to KNIME

I am working with Healthcare data

Every patient unique MRN

I am looking at length of time between requests for analysis

I used the duplicate filter to pull out duplicate requests and have them marked as duplicate and chosen (first) in a duplicate column

I need to see the length of time in days between requests from earliest request to next one? Some patients have repeated analysis more than once

Any help gratefully appreciated

Without knowing the configuration of your data its difficult to offer detailed help. A very general answer is to use the Date&Time Difference node.

Hi Thanks for coming back to me

I have tried Date &Time Difference

But I dont know how to separate dates out as the Chosen and Duplicate statements are in a column associated with a row

Each sample is represented by a row in a table, each row has a MRN for patient and date & Time of request with other details such as lab no. result etc…

So I used Duplicate rows based on MRN column to identify duplicates and keep them separate,


Can you share a sample of your data (anonymized if necessary)? Also your current workflow would be helpful.

Thanks for coming back to me let me have a look at that and come back to you :slight_smile:

OK I used a pivot table to get the data into a useable format

Now i have dates in the columns contained in

Some have more than one date in the any idea how I could get them into separate columns

The column types are defined as List(Collection of:Local Date)

Try the Ungroup node.