Getting TLS error in MYSQL connector node

hi Team, I am trying to use the MYSQL connector node. But after putting all the connection details. I am getting the below error. Can anyone please help.

Execute failed: TLS version used does not meet minimal requirements for this server. Please use a higher TLS version and retry.


Hi @Swapnil_Bhure , which Knime version are you using?

EDIT: OK, the version might not matter. I thought the connector changed in the newest version, but it does not seem so.

For your issue, it might be a configuration issue with the driver. Try to add support for different TLS version using the enabledTLSProtocols option. You can add this via the JDBC Parameters tab:

Click on the Add button. It will allow you to add a new entry.

Since I don’t know what version of TLS you need, you can add support for different ones, like this:

Try adding these and see if it works.

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Thanks for the help. It worked :slight_smile:

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Hi @Swapnil_Bhure , I’m glad to hear, and thank you for confirming.

Please mark it as solution so that other members of the community can find the solution quickly through the thread.

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