getting values from Dialog

I guess I still have a problem understanding a few things. I am not a JAVA professional so please excuse my ignorance.
I want to get values of the dialog that have not been saved. The createCloneWithValidatedValue methods can get me those values as described in some of the tutorials. Unfortunately this needs the settings object, which is passed to the saving and validation methods. I don’t see how I could this object. Maybe I am missing something???

Thanks for the kind help.


I found it:
the settingsModelString has a method to get the value: getStringValue…

That mechanism doesn’t seem to work with password fields (DialogComponentPasswordField).
How would I get the password then?


Hi all,

Just been trying to use the Substructure Search chemistry node, I tried specifying isotopes in the substructures but these seem not to match e.g. carbon 11 isotope. Is this a feature of the NODE and does anyone know the best way of getting around this? If anyone has code for or a NODE for SMART matching can you please help me with this?