Global locks prevent running workflow on linux server with Lustre filesystem

I would like to be able to run a KNIME workflow on this Linux fileserver which uses the Lustre filesystem. So far I can sucessfully run KNIME (2.7), but when I try to open any specific workflow I get an error:

INFO: Created intial context for host
<> on port 47037
WARN VMFileLockerI/O Error while trying to lock dir
"/lustre/projects/project-broaddus/knime/workspace/copy": Lock could not
be aquired on:
Reason: Function not implemented

It seems like the issue is KNIME requires a global lock on the workflow directory, which is in general not possible on the Lustre filesystem.

Is this something I can work around, or am I hosed? :)

thanks in advance


KNIME requires locks on workflows in order to prevent accidental data corruption. It's not possible to execute workflows on file systems that don't support locking.

Hi Coleman,

you have to start KNIME with the following arguments:

-vmargs -Dosgi.locking=none -Dknime.disable.vmfilelock=true